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Cees van Gelderen

After almost 50 years of mainly, fashion photography and publications in international magazines changed direction to work on personal projects like "Locations for the blues"2001-2020, "Herbario"2016 [also an exposition] and "PaganRemix" that started in 2020. The photos represented here are from this last project.

While working on the images for "Herbario"[a project of photos done in a radius of 1 km, to create a different universe of a touristic mountain village and its natural surroundings], I discovered that with manipulation[remix] of some of those nature pictures a new hidden life of the vegetation was revealed. As going through a magic looking glass and discovering the secret life of plants and trees. But the most revealing was that in those photos I found a coincidental resemblance with certain aspects and forms in primitive, pagan or mystic folk art from all over the world. Like those folk art images from many different cultures, my "PaganRemix" project found its inspiration in the many patterns nature gives you.

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