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Harriet Calo

‘My portraits are inspired by flapper girls, women who lived their free and frivolous lives during the Twenties of the last century. It is a very attractive era to me. Just think of the fashion of that time, the music, the art and the artists. The riotous parties! In fact, this time has proven to be a source of esthetics to me since my own twenties. The girls in my drawings are stylized, have a smokey eye, they are slightly theatrical, and elegant. Always elegant. I allow them to have extremely long necks, exceptional wide eyes. I love an exaggeration, a little showing off.' For many decades Harriet Calo made magazines and was the editor of several high-end fashion magazines. And now, after a professional life in magazines, she once again has time for the métier she originally studied at Rietveld Art Academy in Amsterdam. These drawings are made with an Apple-pencil on an iPad. ‘I make free work preferably and work by assignment only if it feels free.’


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